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Shawn Speed


President & Business Success Partner

Shawn Speed, President and Business Success Partner at Clear Results Business Advisors, has a proven track record of building and value engineering companies to perform at superior levels.

Shawn is a seasoned senior executive accomplished at building, operating and selling companies. From a young age, Shawn demonstrated his drive and determination to put grist to the mill in getting things done efficiently, effectively and purposefully. He’d much rather show results than talk about them; this get-it-done mentality has driven his success, having built his first multi-million-dollar company by the young age of 29. A founding partner at RESCo Energy Inc., Shawn established operational excellence as he and his two business partners built the company from the ground up– a start-up in 2006 that quickly grew to become a company with annual sales of over $20M. Winning multiple awards for their leadership and quality of projects, RESCo was and still is a company long-admired in their industry.


After selling this highly successful company, Shawn joined Flynn Group of Companies as an owner, and operated one of their largest branches, in Calgary, Canada. A $52M branch with over 250 employees, Shawn led the management team in streamlining operations and increasing profitability month after month, all while improving morale and establishing a better work-life balance for the team. Shawn’s natural talent and passion for operations means he continuously finds ways for businesses to operate more efficiently and profitably. He has a unique ability to create and implement strategic plans, a valuable asset that contributes time and time again to his continued success, whether working with other executives in office, or leading employees at any level.


Shawn believes in developing long-term relationships with clients to support in increasing the profitability and value of their businesses, and to secure the freedom to achieve their personal goals. His approach is collaborative, and he gains immense satisfaction from helping others succeed.


He is passionate about helping business owners realize the full profit capacity of their business, and turn their business into a valuable asset. He thrives on finding solutions to complex and challenging business issues. The success of his clients is paramount.


Shawn is a strong and dedicated family man, with a beautiful wife and two young daughters at home, who he treasures.

Rob Mustachi


Vice President & Business Success Partner

Rob Mustachi, Vice President and Business Success Partner at Clear Results Business Advisors, is a results-driven executive leader with a history of exceptional achievement.

Having championed multi-million-dollar business growth initiatives and consistently accelerating record-breaking sales, Rob’s rapid career advancements matched his demonstrated accomplishments. Rob has been recognized as a trailblazer, with astute business acumen and skill in strategic planning, implementation of corporate vision, profit-building strategies and advancing revenue increases. He is masterful at aligning core business, restructuring and optimizing processes, and transitioning strategy into effective action. With a focused energy on the bottom-line, Rob has an innate talent for building, developing and leading successful management teams.


As Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a global manufacturer, Rob achieved record-breaking sales with the highest revenues the company had ever seen. Rob consistently exceeded sales and service quotas, and launched products and services into new and untapped markets. As an innate strategist and consummate business development professional, Rob’s leadership solidified the corporate brand and identified critical business drivers to consistently increase revenues for 10 years. It was his mission to align core business models with capabilities to adapt to changing market needs and maintain relevancy among target markets.


As Director of Sales for more than 12 years at a Fortune 500 Company, Rob stimulated exponential growth, exercising budgetary oversight and devising long-range strategies to promote brand image and maximize bottom-line results. He was the recipient of the coveted “Triple Crown Champion” Award for Excellence for four consecutive years. Rob is also credited with growing fledgling sales by 28% nationally, enhancing corporate vision and elevating the customer service and service delivery processes. He also capitalized on cross-promotional opportunities to diverse organizations across North America and increased annual revenue by over $5 billion annually. Rob developed and piloted implementation of an effective “Quest for the Best” employee development program aimed at boosting staff morale and establishing tenure among key positions.


Rob is extremely talented in the art of business leadership, and has an inherent passion and seasoned knowledge when it comes to negotiating and closing deals. He partners with clients to successfully lead diverse business organizations to maximize bottom-line growth. A well-rounded, sophisticated and dedicated professional, he has a passion for business that is evident in all he does. Rob has the aptitude to move any company into unmatched profitability and produce top-quality results.